Athletic Society

1- The Executive Committee of the Chitrada College Atheletic Society shall consist of : -
(a) President - Principal (Ex-officio)
(b) Vice-President - From among the staff to be nominated by the principal.
(c) Associate vice-presidents - From among the staff.
(d) One secretary - To be elelcted by the students.
(e) One Asst. Secretary - To be elected by the students.

2. The secretary elected in the previous your shall carry on the time work till the next election takes place.

3. The principal has the light to make new rules if he thinks if necessary for the interest of the society.

4. If the work of the secretary is found to be un satisfied he might be asked by the principal to resign and another secretary nominated by the principal or Associate Secretary will earny of the work till the next election.

The executive committee shall look to the general management of the Atheletic Society. It shall promote the spirit of games and sports among students. No decision of council shall be deemed to be final till it is approved by Executive Committee.