+2 Cultural Association And Other Associations

There shall be a Cultural Association and other Association for +2 students of the college as mentioned below : -
1. +2 Cultural Association.
2. Athletic Association.
3. Dramatic Association.
4. Day scholarís Association
5. Social service Guide.

These Associations shall be Governed by the following rules : -
1. All students of +2 classes are member of the Association. But in case fo day scholarís Association the boarders are not eligible for the membership.
2. For the management of all matters connected with the associations there shall be an executive Committee for each Association.
3. The Executive Committee shall consists of : -
(i) President - Principal( Ex-officio)
(ii) Vice President and Associate Vice-President Advisor and Associate Advisors of college Union (Ex-officio)
(a) +2 Cultural Association - Adviser and Associate Advisor of college union (ex-officio)
(b) Athletic Association - Vice-President of Athletic Association (Ex-officio)
(c) Secretary +2 1st yr. - to be elected by the +2 students.
(d) Asst Secretary +2 1st yr. - To be elected by the +2 students.
(e) Dramatic Association- Vice President Dramatic Association (ex-officio)
(f) Day scholarís Association - Vice President D.S.A. of senior students (ex-officio)