Student Union

The college has a students’Union and number of societies for +3 and +2 students separately. The principal is the Final authority over all the societies and has the power to amend or suspend a society at his discision.

At +3 Degree level there is a students union. It is the sole tribune of the students opinior in side the college Function : -

a) To organise discussion on cultural and academic matters.

b) To invite eminent persons to address the union.

c) To take up such other activities that ar proposed by the union and approved by the principal.

Membership : - Every bonafide students & of +3 Degree is a member of the students union.

Executive Committee : -

There shall be anexecutive committee comprisingt the follwoing : a) President b) Vice-president c) Secretary d) Asst. Secretary e) One clan represent from each clas.

Tenure : - The working year of the union will strictly be of one academic year. Any member of the executive committee, soon after his filling up forms for the University examination shall deemed to have vacated this office.

Vacany : The office bearers shall hold office as above unless : -

1) They cease tobe the student of college.
2) They voluntary resign in writing the principal.
3) Theya ar removed as provided by the rule given below - Removal of Office bearers -

Any office falling vacant, can not be filled up by by-election. By election is not allowed. Principal reserves the right to nominate a member of union to the vacant post. On the recommendation of the advisory Board.

Meeting of the union : -

(a) Ordinary meetings : -
(i) Ordinary meeting of the union shall be covened by the secretary in consultation with the President.
(ii) The secretary shall issue notice prior to two working days with the following details :-
a) Date and time of the meeting.
b) Place of the meeting
c) Agenda.
(iii) Procedure in the meetings : -
a) President will preside over allo the meetings of the union. b) In the absence of President, Vice President will preside over the meeting.
c) In the absence of both president and vice-president elect a chairman from among them selves, the the chairman shall assume all the rights and privileges and discharge all the duties of the president during the meeting.
d) At the begining of each meeting the secretary shall read the minutes of the previous meeting as the proceedings to be signed by the president.
e) Every speech shall be relevant to the subject of the agenda, and no personel reflection is allowed.