About College Crest

The writings on the crest “ Asoto MA SATGAMAYA TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA” conveys the truth and the light, the process of struggle and prayer for liberation. It means lead me from darkness to light.

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There is a struggle from ignorance to enlightment. The burning lamp signifies the light of knowledge repelling darkness. The peacock at the centre stands for the district Mayurbhanj, where the college is. The half immersed quill pen in the ink pot symbolises the creativeness of knowledge and spread of civilisation. The open book symbolise the source of knowledge, which in turn is the source of strength.

About the College

Chitrada College, Chitrada in the district of Mayurbhanj ( a tribal dominated area of Orissa state) was established on the 1st of July 1980 with a view to promote higher education for the people of Mayurbhanj especially for the tribals at the begining. It was started in the premises and buildings of Jawahar Vidyapitha, Chitrada and transfered to its own campus in 1993. At the outset, Intermediate class in Arts with 128 seats was opened in 1980 and got government concurrance and university affiliation from 1981, subsequently, as per the New Education Policy, IA classes were converted into +2 classes from 1984. Seats increased from 128 to 256 in +2 Arts in 1989. Read more