Chitrada College, Chitrada, Mayaurbhanj
Chitrada College Chitrada, Mayurbhanj


The script on the crest “AASOTO MA SATGAMAYA TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA” conveys the spirit’s sincere struggle and prayer for liberation- lead me from Untruth to Truth (Illusion to Reality), from Darkness to Light (Ignorance to Enlightenment). The illuminated lamp signifies the light of knowledge repelling darkness. The peacock at the centre is the insignia for the forest district of Mayurbhanj, where the College is situated. The half-immersed quill pen in the ink-pot symbolises knowledge and creativity leading toward spontaneous growth of man and civilization. The open book symbolises the source of knowledge which in turn is the source of strength for human being (?man).


Rome was not built in a day. So was our beloved institution. 1st September, 1980 was a Red Letter Day in the annals of Chitrada village. For, it was on that day, that Chitrada College, a higher education institution was incepted on the virgin soils of Chitrada under Morada Block of Baripada Subdivision in the largest undivided district of Mayurbhanj to cater to the educational needs of the children of this tribe dominated locality. With time our institution has snowballed from strength to strength, marching from the embryonic state to the present state of fruition- a full-fledged almamater. Today, it stands majestically beckoning everyone who aspires for higher education in and out of its vicinity like Lord Jagannath– the Juggernaut welcoming his devotees from far off lands with open arms.

The year 1980 marks the advent of this premier institution under the active stewardship of Late Umesh Chandra Das and a fistful of education loving people of this locality, who envisioned the need for such a College in Chitrada. Every beginning is often beset with difficulties. And, Chitrada College is no exception to it. From humble reedy beginnings housed in one of the rooms of Jawahar Vidyapitha, Chitrada, in 1980 with only 128 seats in the Intermediate class of Arts stream, the College shifted to its own campus in 1993. The College was eligible to come under the GIA fold from the year 1986. Until then the reigns of administration rested in the safe and guiding hands of the Governing Body who officiated the College as per the rules and regulations laid down in the Management of Aided Colleges Rule, enacted by the State Government, Odisha.

Chronology of Development:Intermediate Arts with a sanctioned strength of 128 seats received Government Concurrence and Utkal University affiliation in the year 1981. Subsequently, as per the New Education Policy, Intermediate Arts class were converted to +2 classes from the year 1983. Understanding the growing demand for education by the rural aspirants the capacity of seats in +2 Wing of Arts stream were enhanced from 128 seats to 156 seats in the year 1989. +3 Degree Wing in the Arts stream started functioning with 128 seats from the year 1987. Honours classes in Political Science and History with 32 seats each, were introduced in the year 1991-1992 and Economics Honours with a sanctioned strength of 16 seats was opened from the session 1999-2000. +2 Science Stream with a sanctioned strength of 64 seats with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology as Optional subjects was opened in the session 1991-1992.

+3 Science Stream with PCM and CBZ as Optional Subjects having a sanctioned strength of 32 seats each started functioning from the session 2010-2011. Honours in Odia with a sanctioned strength of 16 seats was opened from the session 2009-2010. Honours in Chemistry and Zoology with 16 seats each and Sanskrit and Philosophy Honours with an allotted strength of 08 seats each started operating from the session 2016-2017.NB- (Better to prepare a chart)

At Present +2 Wing is affiliated to Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha and the Degree Wing is affiliated to the North Odisha University. Being a lone Degree College in the Block it has been dedicatedly catering to the pining needs students of tribal and backward community, majority of which are girl students. This temple of knowledge is the heartthrob of education, a beacon light of enlightenment and a beam of knowledge and truth, to the immature student community of this locality, who would have remained unlettered otherwise.

The College is affiliated to the University Grants Commission under 2(f) and 12(b) and is eligible to receive grants. The College also offers Vocational Courses under the trades Office Management and Computer Technique. In the year 2009 NAAC Team visited the Institution and accredited it in “C” Grade. The Peer Team emphasized on the opening of new streams and more Honours classes. As such, this august institution strove relentlessly to implement some of their recommendations. The core values of NAAC are being scrupulously followed in letter and spirit.

The quality of education greatly depends on the quality of teaching. Our college takes pride in the dynamic service of a band of experienced, competent and committed teachers who are imbued with a culture of discipline and ever ready to tune up our students to their peak of efficiency and performance by organising remedial classes for the academically backward and weak students and to facilitate growth of academic excellence.

The N.S.S. and Y.R.C. Units of the College keep the campus vibrant and vigorous with their yeomanly and eco-friendly activities. The N.S.S. Volunteers mostly female have attended the National Integration Camp at Republic Day Parade and won accolades for the College with their outstanding performances and sincerely appreciated for their signal achievement in bagging the prestigious I.G. N.S.S. Award for the year 2011-2012, in a ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhawan. Smt. Usha Satpathy with her able and deft guidance as N.S.S. Programme Officer of our College was adjudged by a panel of selectors at the National level as the Best Programme Officer of the State to receive the most coveted I.G. N.S.S. Award in the year 2012, adding another feather to the crown of glory of our august institution.

Yoga classes are regularly conducted to keep the students physically fit, mentally sound and spiritually charged. Blood Donation Camps are organised to instil in our students the spirit to serve the needy and the distressed selflessly. Plantation drives are organised by the N.S.S. Units to teach the students to be eco-friendly and make the campus green and healthy, thereby contributing to the protection and care of the environment. Awareness camps on service and ethics are organised by the N.S.S. and Y.R.C. Units to inculcate moral values in our students.


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