Chitrada College, Chitrada, Mayaurbhanj
Chitrada College Chitrada, Mayurbhanj


Since the College is located in a predominantly backward region where most of the students hail from the ethnic Lodha community where the literacy percentage is very low our constant endeavour is: –

  • To bring students from rural backgrounds into mainstream competition
  • To bridge the gap in students due to difference in levels of quality of education between rural and urban areas
  • To support the career and personality development of our learners through N.S.S and Y.R.C. activities and to infuse the spirit of patriotism and fellow feeling in the young minds in consonance with our national goals, ethos and aspirations
  • To improve standards and reach higher marks of excellence
  • To ensure that the educators keep their knowledge and skills regularly updated through their research activities since growth of the individual reflects growth of the Institution
  • To provide ideological, factual and concise knowledge of each side of subjects studied
  • To organise seminars periodically in the Departments for the all-round development of the pupils
  • To inspire, prepare and empower students to succeed in a competitive and changing world to develop students as whole people

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