Chitrada College, Chitrada, Mayaurbhanj
Chitrada College Chitrada, Mayurbhanj

Departmentwise List of the Principal & Faculty Members

   Sl No.      Name of the Department   
Men in Position with Designation(Name)
(UGC/GIA/Block Grant Post)
1    Economics 1.Priyabrata Mishra,Reader in Eco. (Principal)
2.Smt. Usha Satpathy, Reader. in Eco.
2    Pol. Science 1.Dr. Ananta Prasad Sahu,Reader in Pol. Sc.
2. Purna Chandra Shee, Lect. in PSc.
3.Miss Krishnarani Naik, Lect. in PSc
3    English 1.Biswajit Mohanta,Reader in English
2.Narendra Kumar Das,Reader in English
4    Odia 1.Dr. Archana Pradhann,Lect. in Odia
2.Smt. Soudamini Singh,Lect. in Odia
5    History 1.Girish Chandra Mohanta,Reader in History
6    Logic & Philosophy 1.Budhiram Singh,Lect. in Logic & Philosophy
7    Sanskrit 1.Narendra Pradhan, Sanskrit
8    Mathematics 1.Pradip Kumar Das,Reader. in Math.
9    Chemistry 1.Kamadev Pathi,Lect. (Gr-A)in Chemistry.
10    Botany 1.Anup Kumar Mahakul,Lect. (Gr-A)in Botany
11    Zoology 1.Susama Sarangi,Reader in Zoology

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